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Winter in the City - Poznan

Winter in a big city like Poznań is not everyone’s favourite. Instead of bringing joy and spurring people to make spontaneous snow-angels, for most winter means traffic problems, slippery pavements and ruined boots. However, they say that every relationship requires work to flourish, so perhaps it’s high time to get our mittens on and explore Poznan’s winter scene.

Winter in the City - PoznanPoznan


Its best to start big, so why not go skiing. Although Poznań is no skiing resort, it has an artificial skiing slope, Malta Ski, complete with chair lifts and ski tows, skiing equipment rental and service as well as expert training personnel for both skis and snowboard - so basically, the full experience, minus the hassle of travel. The artificial surface of the slope is not dependant on the whims of the weather, even if there is no snow. If the temperatures drop below zero the snow cannons are launched to ensure perfect skiing conditions. Whether you want to perfect your skills, learn to ski from scratch or simply enjoy a bit of winter sports without the necessity of travelling across the country, Malta Ski is where you should head.

If you’re more of a skater than a skier, you can choose from among Poznan’s many skating rinks. Those who like their winter sports served with some disco beats, should come on a Friday night to Bogdanka (ul.Północna 9), the oldest and the most nostalgic skating rink in Poznań. Once you’ve burned all those calories on the rink, you can award yourself with some trendy street food at “Smart Bastard”, the adjacent burger bar truck.

If, however, you prefer a more sporting spirit and some more elbow space for your double toe loops, head to Poznań’s famous “Chwiałka” (ul. Chwiałkowskiego 34a). It is a roofed, recently modernised rink equipped with stands for spectators, changing rooms and other facilities, big enough to host professional hockey matches and other winter sport events.

Making friends with winter is not easy, but definitely rewarding. And when the air turns milder, the slopes at Malta empty and the skating rinks melt, who knows, we might even miss it. 

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