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Beautiful Sudetes

Located on the boarder between Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany, Sudety are old and majestic mountains where steep slopes contrast with flattened summits and vast valleys surrounded by highlands are sprinkled with numerous health resorts, skiing trails and excellent hiking routes.

Beautiful SudetesSudety

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland

The best known part of Sudety is the Karkonosze range, reigned over by the magnificent Śnieżka – the highest peak of Sudety. When hiking in Karkonosze you are sure to stumble upon one of the famous fantastically-shaped rock formations. Created as a result of uneven erosion, they take on peculiar shapes of mushrooms, castle ramparts, truncheons, animals and fairytale characters.

Góry Stołowe located in Sudety Środkowe are also a popular destination thanks to their geological uniqueness. They are the only mountains in Poland with a plated structure, which means they have flat summits and steep slopes, a feature particularly interesting for lovers of rock climbing.

Despite their relatively small height, Sudety have an alpine-like climate and often snow covers them well until April. Thanks to that thousands of skiers flock to resorts such as Karpacz or Szklarska Poręba, where they are awaited by numerous ski-lifts, ski-trails and hospitable atmosphere. Sudety is also home to the best known cross-country skiing centre in Poland - Polana Jakuszycka.

On top of great skiing conditions, Sudety also have rich history and impressive heritage. The Wang Temple in Górny Karpacz is particularly worth a visit, as it is the oldest wooden church in Poland. Constructed without the use of a single nail, the Wang Temple is the only one of its kind located outside Scandinavia. Sudety are also famous for their strongholds, castles and palaces. Książ, Chojnik or Bolków castles just a few of the region’s many treasures. The adits of the Riese complex, the biggest mining and construction project of Hitler’s Germany, are also one of the biggest attractions of the region.

The unique climate, the varied landscape, numerous health resorts as well as the cultural and historic values all contribute to Sudety being one of the most touristically attractive regions of Poland.


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