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Mazury experienced from lakes

Mazury is unquestionably one of the most beautiful regions of Poland, especially if you get to see it while sailing its lakes. Contrary to what you might think, sailing is not only for professionals. So, how does one plan a water escapade?

Mazury experienced from lakes Into Mazury

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“Mazury a miracle of Nature”

This region of North-East Poland requires no introduction. Everyone knows that it is famous for its lakes, which, connected by a network of channels, offer wonderful opportunities to experience the region from water. Apart from the deepest one (Mamry) and the biggest one (Śniardwy), Mazury boats many lakes with crystal clear water, beautiful islands and, naturally, a richness of fish.

However, it does not stop at water. There are bike routes, landscape parks and a national park, as well as the Wild Animal’s Park in Kadzidłów. History lovers will be interested in the castles, old manor houses, Hitler’s quarters in Gierłoż (Wolf’s Lair), the old German water gates and bunkers, or the swing bridge in Giżycko. Those looking for entertainment will not be disappointed either. Apart from the miniatures park in Gierłoż, there are festivals, concerts and events of all sorts organised by local towns. Sailors flock in large numbers to the biggest port in Sztynort, where there is always something going on in season. Communal shanty singing and the atmosphere of camaraderie are sure to result in new friendships.

Let’s go yachting!

Anyone can sail. You don’t need any licences to be one of the crew members on board. No special licence is needed to steer small sailing boats (of hull length up to 7.5 m) and small to medium-small motor yachts. Many chartering companies offer these to their clients without licences. If, however, you are not interested in motor-boats and prefer to sail, a helmsman licence will come of use. Not many companies will rent small sailing boats to individuals who cannot produce proof of their sailing abilities. The reason is simple: steering a cabin cruiser requires knowledge and practice, and renting a boat to someone without experience involves huge risks, including a threat to the lives of the members of the crew. To become a holder of a licence, you have to be over 14 and pass an exam. Once you have a licence, you can become a captain of a rented boat for a week or two and brave the winds of Mazury (naturally, there has to be a grown-up on board). Chartering companies also offer a solution for those who do not want to take the exam, but still wish to find out what it’s like under the sails - you can rent a captain together with the yacht. Alternatively, you may simply find a helmsman among your friends or join a forming crew – people often look online for additional crew members for a cruise or an expedition.

Where is that quay…?
The tourist infrastructure of Mazury has a lot to offer to lovers of water escapades. Sailors will find marinas to stop over on every lake. Many of them, however, choose to berth in the wild. Discovering Mazury though its lakes is great, because you don’t have to pack up and change hotels. The yacht is your home and your means of transport at the same time and this gives a lot of freedom. You want to go sight-seeing on dry land - you berth your boat and get off. You want to sail – you weigh your anchor and off you go. Sailing is a perfect combination of both passive and active leisure. Sometimes it requires strength and stamina, and sometimes you can simply lie, gaze at the water and do absolutely nothing.

You can sail on your own, or with your family and friends. You can also go kayaking or hire a motor yacht and sail the lakes without worrying about the wind. Whatever you wish. Mazury lakes offer a chance to discover the region in an unconventional way. An unforgettable experience and one you will want to repeat. That is why so many people return to Mazury. Even if you know the lakes very well, the winds of Mazury always carry a whiff of adventure.

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