Krynica, Poland

Krynica, not only a health resort

Sometimes you want to just rest and recharge, escape the stress of everyday life and immerse yourself in the lazy holiday mood. If you don’t know where to go, we have a suggestion! How about Krynica-Zdrój for a good start?

Clean air, idyllic landscapes, wonderful traditions and lots of good fun. This is Krynica, one of the biggest and trendiest health resorts in Poland, picturesquely perched among the peaks of Beskid Sądecki. It is famous for its healing waters, which are unique in Europe. It is where Jan Kiepura used to sing and Nikifor used to paint. Nowadays everyone from lovers of art to skiing fanatics will find something for themselves in Krynica. You can come with your whole family, as many hotels and pension houses are childrem-friendly. Here are a few ideas for an unforgettable stay.


Winter holidays are an ideal time to learn skiing, and Krynica is an ideal place to do it. The local ski runs are just begging to be conquered. If you cope well on the ski run, look for the ski lifts in Krynica-Słotwiny.

In this town you can also exchange your ski sticks for Nordic walking sticks, but before you do that, you should definitely ride up Jaworzyna Krynicka at least once. You will be taken to the summit (1114 metres above sea level) by a gondola lift, which is the longest and fastest in Poland (5m/s). Emotions will be high and the views will take your breath away. You have to take into account a small blow to your budget, as a return ticket for an adult is PLN24, while the prices of winter ski-passes are varied and start at PLN28. Extra payment is required for a baby carriage or a dog. You can also take ski tows or chair lifts.

If you prefer something closer to the ground, you can take the funicular to Góra Parkowa, which happens to be the cradle of Polish lugeing. Here, among other things, children can enjoy a Sun Kid magic carpet ski lift called Kubusiowy Stok. But the place to go really wild is the immensely popular luge track Sankostrada on ul. Dąbrowskiego 15 (open also at night). But before you set off to do some crazy sliding, make sure the track has not been closed due to bad weather. A ride in a two-seater luge costs PLN6. Traditional sledges are of course the cheaper option. Parents and their offspring may also go ice-skating to the nearby Hala Lodowa.


Krynica is not called a „pearl among health resorts for nothing”. The local mineral waters improve metabolism and reinforce treatment of sclerosis, anaemia, and digestive disorders. There are several pump rooms in town (including the New and Old Pump Room). The best known springs are Słotwinka, Jan and Zuber.

The water from the first one is sweetish in taste and has a soothing effect on the nervous system, while the water from Zuber has quite a repellent flavour (reminiscent of raw eggs), but it is said to be a great hangover cure…However, one should not exaggerate with the intake of the healing waters – unless a doctor advised otherwise – a glass or two a day are just enough.

If you get enough winter sports action, you can go for a walk on the famous promenade in Krynica…or retreat to a salt cave, e.g. Stare Łazienki Mineralne (Old Mineral Baths).


Once you enjoy all the mountain attractions and walks on the famous promenade, you can pop over to the Nikifor Museum. The Culture Centre, with its cinema and gallery, also has a broad offer, while the beautiful Orthodox Churches of Krynica belonging to the Orthodox Architecture Trail are especially recommendable. You will find them under the following addresses: ul. Kraszewskiego 177, ul. Cmentarna 3, and Słowińska 50. To finish off, go to “Bajka” Toy Museum. The visit will be fun for children and adults, who will enjoy a trip down memory lane.
Have a great stay!

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