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Let's ski in Szklarska Poręba

Attractions of Szklarska Poręba

Picturesque waterfalls, rare minerals, mysterious Walloons and the mythical Rübezahl roaming the trails - Szklarska Poręba is a place with fascinating history and lore, but first and foremost is it a busting winter sports resort, where unique climatic conditions meet great infrastructure and welcoming atmosphere.

Let's ski in Szklarska PorębaPolana Jakuszycka

Flickr, MSZ

Szklarska Poręba is the biggest skiing resort in Polish Karkonosze Mountains and one of the biggest ones in Sudety Mountains. Skiers have close to 15 km of trails at their disposal, as well as 14 ski lifts and chair lifts. Most of them are located on the slopes of Szrenica, which towers over the town.

Skiarena Szrenica has over 12 km of ski slopes and slalom slopes. Seasoned skiers should head to the famous Ściana (Wall), with its slope gradient reaching 50%. Long-distance skiers will enjoy Lolobrygida - the longest run in the area (4400 m), while beginners and night-owls have the mild Puchatek at their disposal, which is open until 10 P.M.

Szklarska is also a great destination for the lovers of cross-country skiing. The closeness to the biggest centre for cross country skiing in Poland - Polana Jakuszycka makes the town an ideal place to stay for those who want to brave the famous trail through “Samolot”, feast their eyes on the picture-perfect Izera valley, or pop in to the legendary Osada Orle or the Chatka Górzystów mountain shelter.

The ski-touring trails are something of a novelty. Thanks to skis with special bindings, ski-touring is a kind of combination of downhill and cross country skiing - you can conveniently climb uphill, and then ski down. In a way it is a return to the roots of skiing, to the times when there were no ski-lifts, and the  downhill run was a sort of reward for the effort put into the climb. Karkonoski National Park prepared 200 signs with trail blazing for ski-touring in Karkonosze, for example around Łabski Szczyt, Hala Szrenicka and Kopa.

When you get tired of skiing, you can always search for the Rübezahl’s grave, see the picturesque Szklarka and Kamieńczyk waterfalls, go to the Museum of the Earth to find out why the town is called the mineralogical capital of Poland, or visit the Walloon Hut, to find out about the history of these mineral-searching people. Szklarska does not leave anyone bored!

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