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Visit Lubusz Land

Attractions of Lubusz Land

There's a beatiful region in the western Poland - it's Lubusz Land. Find out what is worth to visit and do in this beatiful region of Poland.

Visit Lubusz LandPoland

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Międzyrzecz Fortified Region

Międzyrzecz Fortified Region is an impressive system of fortifications and tunnels constructed by Germans in 1934–1944 for the protection of the Eastern boarder of the Third Reich. It spreads over the distance of 100 km and constitutes the biggest underground fortification in the world. Guided tours take tourists underground to experience its murky mysterious tunnels and appreciate the immensity of the project. Międzyrzecz Fortified Region also happens to be a unique bat reserve. It is calculated that over 30 thousand bats of 12 different species winter in its cavernous interiors.

Mużakowski Park

Located right on the border, Mużakowski Park is the biggest English landscape garden in both Poland and Germany and a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is one of the greatest achievements of European art of gardening. The park has been meticulously designed to form a harmonious blend of greenery and architecture.

The biggest attractions of the park include the arboretum, the terrace grades, the Castle Park or the Mountain Park located over the Bad Muskau village. The entrance to both the Polish and the German part of the park is free of charge and it is open 24h a day.

The Statue of Christ the King of Universe

Love it or hate it - one thing is for certain - its immensity is impressive. The Statue of Christ the King of Universe towers over the town of Świebodzin and it made the town a destination for pilgrimages from around the world. It resembles the famous monument of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, but with its total height amounting to 36 m, it beats the it by 6 meters.


Łagów is known the “pearl of Lubusz Land”. As small towns go, this one has got the full package: a picturesque gothic castle with and impressive tower offering some magnificent views over the winding Łagow Lake with its beautiful woodland surroundings, not to mention a great water sports scene and charming fish restaurants to finish off the day in.

Zielona Góra

A city which is true to its name. According to the latest calculations half of the Zielona Góra, or “Green Mountain”, is covered by woodland, not to mention the fact that the city features a charming hilltop vineyard right in the city centre.

Zielona Góra is a serene town filled with greenery, but also a major academic centre with robust student life and a bustling stand up scene. Every September the city turns into a big open air party with concerts, dances and performances, which are all part of Winobranie - a celebration of rich enological traditions of Lubusz Land as the northernmost winemaking region in Europe.


If a place is called paradise, the expectations are high. But Paradyż, a monastery complex which appears quite incongruously in the middle of a sleepy village, lives up to its name. Now a seminary for training priests, its monumental baroque architecture exudes serenity, order and an atmosphere of reflection. You can take a guided tour of its grounds: the monastery buildings, the gardens and the church, plus there is the added attraction of stealing a glimpse into the life of priests to be.


Lubuskie Voivodship is often called the land of five hundred lakes, while in fact there are over six hundred of them! They cover the total area of 13.4 thousand ha. The biggest in the region is Sławskie Lake, followed by the popular Łagowskie, Niesłysz and Dąbie lakes. The many rivers of the region make for some great kayak trails and the clear waters of the lakes are a real treat for angling and sailing enthusiasts.


If Bacchus ever descended from the Olympus to visit Poland, Lubusz Land is where he would feel most at home. Lubuskie has a well-established reputation as the Polish winemaking region, and starting from May all through to October the local vineyards on the Lubuski Wine and Honey Trail welcome all visitors. The visits are naturally combined with wine tasting and a chance to take some of the local specialities home, but first and foremost they are an opportunity to get to know and listen to the local winemakers, who are as passionate about winemaking, as they are about local tradition and history.

Warta River Mouth National Park

A paradise for bird lovers. Covering the area of 8000 ha, the Warta River Mouth National Park is a unique area of pastures, meadows and marshland, which happens to be one the most important waterfowl sanctuaries in Poland. There are 270 bird species living in the Park, including the magnificent white-tailed eagle and the graceful crane.

The Wooden Churches Trail

One of the great things about Lubusz and are its neat picturesque villages tucked away in the green corners of the voivodship. Lovers of rural architecture will particularly enjoy the 23 km trail which will lead them through the charming villages of Chlastawa, Klępsk and Kosieczyn, with their wooden churches where the oldest beam dates back to 1345!

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