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Stained glass musseum in Cracow

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In the Stained Glass Museum, exhibition spaces intertwine with the old stained glass workshop, which has been functioning here since 1902. The visitors can observe the process of stained glass creation, a technique which remains unchanged since the Middle Ages: from the first sketch and design, through cutting, patinating and burning glass to framing in lead profiles. All this takes place in the warm atmosphere of the historic workshop, directly above the heads of artists and craftsmen.

Stained glass musseum in CracowStained glass musseum in Krakow

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The workshop was the cradle of Polish stained glass art. In the last century, and still today, it plays a significant cultural role, receiving distinctions at domestic and international exhibitions for the highest level of artistic works.

The exhibition spaces of the Museum present contemporary and historical stained glass. Our guests can also admire stained glass pieces which are in the process of being made and are presented on glass easels in the workshop. The most interesting among them are usually exhibited in our café in order to please our visitors, while they wait or rest after their visit to the Museum and enjoy a cup of our delicious coffee.

Important! The Stained Glass Museum can only be visited with a Museum’s guideat the predefined hours (no need to book)

Visiting hours and ticket prices:

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