Tężnie w Ciechocinku

Ciechocinek – not only a health resort

Ciechocinek is known primarily as a resort town. It is mostly frequented by people in need of healing who want to breathe clean air and bathe in brine. However, even for a healthy person, a weekend visit is still very much worth it. It is a town with a remarkable history, a place quite unique in Europe.

My first time in Ciechocinek was just a passing visit. I only spent several hours here, I saw the graduation tower and I had to be on my way. The town did not impress me in any way. A few years later I had the opportunity to spend five days in Ciechocinek. I did not come for health reasons, nor was I visiting a family member at the sanatorium. I decided to get to know the town and its inhabitants, and, most importantly, to see once more the largest brine graduation towers in Europe.

What is there to see?

The graduation towers are Ciechocinek’s biggest attractions. They used to be employed for increasing the concentration of salt in brine by the extraction of salt from water. At the moment they are used for reinforcing the healing process of patients with pulmonary diseases. The history of the graduation tower goes back to the 19th century. The structure is comprised of over 7000 thousand pales. A single entrance to the graduation tower costs from 3 to 4 PLN. If you are planning a longer stay in town, it pays off to buy a carnet. The observation deck (additional payment required, unfortunately) of the graduation tower is an ideal place for amateur photographers. It is located 16 meters above the town streets.

The Old Salt Works are a 1.5 km walk from the graduation tower. It is a must see for all those interested in history and old methods of extracting salt. The museum part is full of tools used in the salt works over 170 years of its history. The entrance fee is 4 PLN.

In graduation tower II you will find one of the five salt grottos. Both the micro-climate of a salt grotto and its appearance is reminiscent of Wieliczka salt mine. It envelops the visitors in the atmosphere of serenity and relaxation. After such a session (cost app. 12 PLN) you feel rested and energised. With this new energy you can go for a walk in town and admire its architecture, fountains and flora. The flower clock deserves a special mention here. It welcomes all visitors to Ciechocinek (and it always shows the exact time). The field Orthodox Church is an interesting place, it is the only Orthodox Church in Europe which was constructed without a single nail. You also must look into the Mineral Water Drinking Room – an extraordinary building decorated with a lace-like openwork wooden facade.

Those interested in history should visit the residence of President Ignacy Mościcki on the crossroads of Wojska Polskiego Street and Leśna, while art lovers will enjoy the performances of the Summer Theatre, which are on all summer season.

Town of culture

Walking the promenade towards the Graduation Tower, I met many interesting people; a group of youngsters giving a musical and theatrical performance, a fortune-teller, who wanted desperately to predict my future (unfortunately, it did not come true), guides, locals, tourists, sellers of souvenirs. Every second tree or lamppost had a poster on it advertising some sort of event. Ciechocinek is a town full of diversions. Concerts, sports tournaments, competitions, theatre performances, film screenings – there is always something on in the summer season. Fans of dance, disco or 1980s and 1990s music will not be disappointed by dancing parties organised by health resorts. If you are young, don’t hesitate and take part, music and dance span over generations.


During the five days I spent in Ciechocinek, I managed to walk the whole town three times on foot. Tourist attractions are not scattered over long distances. If you are not fond of walks, you can take a horse carriage or a rickshaw. The cost of the latter will be around over a dozen zloty, depending on the distance. This is just an option, however, if you want to see the whole resort in one weekend. Accommodation

If you haven’t booked accommodation in advance, do not worry. You are sure to find something once you are there. There are camping grounds, hotels, bread and breakfasts, apartments and pension houses. Many families rent flats or rooms for a small price. In this case, take your own soaps and towels, the owners do not always provide them.

Five days in Ciechocinek for a young person who needs stimulation is quite a lot. Nevertheless, seeing the city is a pleasant and relatively cheap way to spend an enjoyable weekend.

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